Advantages of Nozzles

4 Jan 2014

Often when using a liquid or gas in household or industrial applications, it is desirable to regulate the substance’s flow, in terms of direction, angle, pressure, speed or shape. The optimal way to accomplish this is with the use of a nozzle – a type of spout which the liquid or gas passes either through [...]

Invoicing software saves your nerves and time by sending automatic reminders

20 Jul 2012

I do not know how other business owners deal with the customers who do not pay on time or do not pay at all. I was spending time on sending emails to non-payers. If there was no reaction after an email, I called personally. I hated that procedure because it took me whole day and [...]

Rent a house in Thailand and go to explore Thai cuisine

8 Mar 2012

Food is important part of Thai culture. The taste of Thai food depends of who cooks it, for whom and for what occasion. Thai people usually eat outside their houses. If you rent a house in Thailand’s big city like Pattaya and Bangkok you will have wide choice of cafe and restaurants. Most Thai families [...]