Invoicing software saves your nerves and time by sending automatic reminders

I do not know how other business owners deal with the customers who do not pay on time or do not pay at all. I was spending time on sending emails to non-payers. If there was no reaction after an email, I called personally. I hated that procedure because it took me whole day and I needed to pay for the phone calls and I was quite negative and upset. I would say that I am a dreamer. I am always thinking of different thing that are not created yet. The same was with invoicing software. I was dreaming that someday someone else will contact all my customers and warn them about late payments. And here we are!

Invoicing software is realization of my several dreams. I can define by myself when my customer will receive reminders. For example, I want my invoicing software to do it five days after the due date. You can say that it does not work because customer receive an email and still do not pay. But 10 days after reminder they receive another reminder with penalty interest. Customers are also warned that if they do not pay, their debt will be forwarded to the debt administration agency. I can tell you that it works. Of course not everyone pays in time, but still pay, what is the most important. That is why invoicing software got respect in my eyes.

Furthermore, now I am totally happy with my work, because I do not need to do things that make me angry and sad. My invoicing software deals with that. I have noticed that my customers also like automatic reminders more than my calls and emails. Reminders look professionally and push them pay in a very gentle and polite way.

Well, I hope my story will be useful for someone. For more details you can write comments. I will try to help you with invoicing software.

20 Jul 2012