Rent a house in Thailand and go to explore Thai cuisine

Food is important part of Thai culture. The taste of Thai food depends of who cooks it, for whom and for what occasion. Thai people usually eat outside their houses. If you rent a house in Thailand’s big city like Pattaya and Bangkok you will have wide choice of cafe and restaurants. Most Thai families don’t have kitchen at all. So when you will rent a house in Thailand find out if there is a kitchen inside.

Very popular product in Thailand is rice. It is eaten as a main course with different additives. The other popular component of Thai cuisine is chilli. I advise you to ask in restaurants to put less chilli in your food. Thai cooks understand that foreigners are not used to spicy food. But don’t be afraid of chilli, because small amount of it is quite good for health. Generally there are four tastes in Thai cuisine – spicy, salty, sour and sweet. They can be mixed together in one course. I would rent a house in Thailand with no kitchen inside, so that every time to have a meal in different cafe or restaurant. Even if you won’t like Thai food, you can find European, Russian, Chinese restaurants in Thailand. If you will rent a house in Thailand with kitchen inside, you can try to cook Thai food by yourself.

The culture of eating in Thailand is also interesting and unusual. They use only fork and spoon during the meal. And fork is used to get food on the spoon. The number of courses usually is the same as the number of people. They eat all the courses together. Eating alone is the bad luck in Thailand. Traditional Thai dinner is the mix of main courses, hot and cold snacks, deserts, fruits and soups. Thai people’s attitude towards food is special. That’s why the food is always presented in beautiful way.

To my mind, Thai cuisine is extraordinary but worth trying. So don’t hesitate to much, rent a house in Thailand and go to explore Thai cuisine!

8 Mar 2012