Advantages of Nozzles

Often when using a liquid or gas in household or industrial applications, it is desirable to regulate the substance’s flow, in terms of direction, angle, pressure, speed or shape. The optimal way to accomplish this is with the use of a nozzle – a type of spout which the liquid or gas passes either through or, in some cases, over. As part of a spraying system, nozzles account for just a small percentage of the total cost but contribute a disproportionately high amount to the system’s efficient operation. Choosing the best type of nozzle for its intended purpose is important.

Types and Materials Available

As industry and manufacturing become ever more specialized, the array of nozzle materials and types on the market has increased to meet the market demand. Materials used to make nozzles range from natural substances such as metals and rubber through ceramics to plastics and other synthetics. Common types include hollow cone, full cone, flat jet and air assisted atomizers. Businesses wishing to purchase nozzles are able to select from a wide variety of stock varieties or fully custom designed versions to meet their individualized needs.

Industrial and Agricultural Uses

Nozzle spray systems can be used for a large number of functions in businesses as diverse as factories and agriculture. In an industrial setting, nozzles are important for lubrication, coating, cooling, dust suppression, humidification and cleaning and rinsing of machinery, as well as fire protection and safety showers for factory employees. Agricultural operations make use of nozzle sprays for application of chemicals including pesticide, herbicide and fertilizers.


There are numerous advantages, with one of the most important being the potential to carefully control the flow of liquid or gas. This minimizes wastage and saves money. It is possible to choose the material which is the most cost effective option, yet will nevertheless be resistant to the amount of wear, chemicals, corrosion and temperature involved in the application. Custom made nozzles can be designed to fit precisely into existing or planned systems.

4 Jan 2014